Our clients are an extension of our family, so when they take the time to refer their friends and family, we do not take that lightly as it is the best compliment you can give. Below are some examples of what some of our amazing clients have said about us.

We transferred our funds from another institution, no longer satisfied with mediocre (at best) returns and the typical "buy and hold, hope for the best", 60/40 cookie-cutter approach to investments. We were seeking an investment advisor that would not only provide improved performance from our portfolio, but also stay in regular contact with us, keep us fully informed of all decisions being made, and include us in every step of the process. We have been very pleased with the reliable communication, detailed information, and prompt responsiveness from Martin and his team. We finally feel confident that we have someone that looking after our finances in an active and planful manner.

Ian and Shari

"I have been working with Martin for over 10 years. As you can imagine, a lot can happen in a decade, both personally and financially. Through all of the changes I always knew I could count on Martin to provide excellent and thoughtful advice.

Working with Martin is always a pleasure; he is knowledgeable, understanding of my individual situation and above all, kind. Martin’s commitment to my financial success is what sets him apart and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting to achieve better financial outcomes.

The biggest financial benefit to working with Martin? Retiring 2 years early and knowing that my retirement will be very comfortable."


“I thought that going through all my pension plan options was going to be complicated but Martin made it easy. I feel so relieved!”


“We met Martin over 15 years ago and chose to deal with him because we felt he would always be honest with us. That has proved to always be the case, and in addition we have always enjoyed our dealings with him. One of the things that surprised us was that Martin supported us even when we were out of the country for an extended time and there was no financial incentive for him. When it was time to return to Canada, Martin put a tremendous amount of work and research into helping us repatriate our money in the most efficient way possible . Martin's diligence and unfailing focus on his client's best interest has allowed us to retire in a much better way than we thought possible. Thank you, Martin, and WELL DONE!

Dave and Jayne

"When I approached Martin, I was new to the world of investments. He has proven to be extremely patient, and gladly takes the time to clearly explain market terminology as well as outline the pros and cons of all investment opportunities. Working with Martin has given me peace of mind that intelligent investment decisions are being made with my money. I truly believe I matter to him as a client, and that he cares about my family's best interests."

Bryan and jennifer

"We have been engaged with Martin for just over a year now and while I had some prior knowledge in basic investments, we found Martin to be very knowledgeable and able to customize a comfortable investment package to meet our needs now and in the future. We really like the confidence level achieved working with Martin during the last year and very eager to continue our relationship and have a high degree of certainty that our return on investment will continue to be above average."

Randolph and Rachael
“What impresses us about Martin is his passion for the work he does, and his genuine desire to help us.”
Dorothy and Ralf

"From day one I was impressed with Martin and his family. I’m 100% confident in Martin and his abilities and I recommend him to all my friends and Family."

“We are extremely pleased to be clients of Martin! We have always said that we would not be in the financial position we are in without his guidance! It was probably one of the best financial decisions we have ever made when we signed up with him over a decade ago! He not only offers great financial advice for the times but also offers us investment guidance for where we are in our personal life. He is open for discussion about our investments and always makes sure we understand what is going on. We know we aren't just a number on a client list. We know for sure we are ahead of our peers financially because of his advice and guidance."
Pam and Paul

“Best decision we ever made with regards to financial planning and investing. Over the past 8 years Martin has coached and directed our finances to allow us to feel comfortable and secure in our retirement.

Marcia and John

“Martin's retirement planning process gave me the confidence that the money we put away will be enough for our retirement.

Ron and Vicky

“I found you very helpful and you explained things very well. I have a sense of calm and comfort now.


“Martin has provided us with excellent service over the years. His dedication, professionalism, and positive attitude are truly remarkable. His expertise and insight are hugely appreciated, and he is always available to answer our questions. We consider ourselves privileged to have him as our financial advisor and look forward to many more years with him and the staff at Harbourfront!

Jeanne et Daniel
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