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We help physicians, pre-retirees and retirees to free up time and live life free from financial worry through our Prestige Financial Concierge Service, our Retirement Income Audit, and through Pension-Style Investing.

Life isn't a dress rehearsel...

The time is now to make a better life for yourself and to live the life you’ve always envisioned. I’m passionate about understanding what you want to accomplish in life, then helping you to do it through financial planning

Who we help

As the President of Prestige Private Wealth Management and Senior Investment Advisor at Harbourfront Wealth Management, I help physicians, retirees and people within 5 years of retirement to sleep well at night through our “Prestige Financial Concierge Program”.

Have you found yourself worrying about:

           a.    The risk in the markets and chronic investment underperformance?

           b.    Not having the time, expertise or desire to address all aspects of your financial picture (you’d                           rather be travelling or golfing)?

           c.     Where your retirement income will come from, how long it will last, and what is the most tax-                           effective.

           d.     Your pension plan options, and if you should keep your pension plan with your employer or move                      it under your control?




What we do

Our Prestige Financial Concierge Service Program provides you with:

PENSION STYLE INVESTING – invest like the biggest pension plans and endowment funds to reduce volatility and increase return. Sleep better at night knowing you’re investing like the “big boys.” Visit Our Investment Philosophy for more details.

AUTOPILOT MODE – we’ll work with you, your accountant and your lawyer on all aspects or your financial plan, so that you spend YOUR TIME on things that matter, without financial worry.

RETIREMENT INCOME AUDIT – we’ll show you when and from where to draw income in order to reduce out your tax bill over time and reduce taxes on your estate. We’ll also show you a sensitivity analysis so that can be confident in how long your money will last.

PENSION VS TRANSFER DECISION – We’ll provide you with a full report showing you’re the advantages and disadvantages to each option so that you can make an informed decision.

Communication is key

Never be left wondering if you’re being looked after. We communicate with our clients regularly, so you always feel connected and looked after.

Skip the "dress rehearsel" and start living life on autopilot!

Gain confidence knowing that you’re doing all that can be done to maximize your situation, including obtaining PRUDENT, PROBABLE and PREDICTABLE investment results.

Book a call and I’ll walk you through our processes and show you how you can put your life on autopilot!






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Martin Cloutier<small> B.Comm (Hons.), CFP, RRC</small>
Senior Investment Advisor

Martin Cloutier B.Comm (Hons.), CFP, RRC
Ian Goodman <small> CFA</small>
Portfolio Manager - Harbourfront Wealth Management

Ian Goodman CFA

Ahren Richmond
Executive Assistant to Martin Cloutier

Ahren Richmond

Harbourfront Wealth Management Inc